Stealing Rose by Monica Murphy (Book Review)

stealing rose

Stealing Rose is the second in the Fowler Sisters series by Monica Murphy and it stands well above the first novel, Owning Violet. Owning Violet is a very good book, but the chemistry between the two main characters in Stealing Rose propels this novel at break neck speed. It is steamy, lustful and tugs on the emotional level that many erotic novels are not able to reach.

“…Take a bite,’ he urges and I lean in, sinking my teeth into the burger, lifting my chin as I pull away and chew, savoring the delicious flavor of the meat and cheese an sauce. ‘Good?’
‘Delicious,’ I say before I burst out laughing. Like, uncontrollable giggles that draw the attention of more than a few diners and even our waitress. I rest my hand over my mouth, trying to contain the laughter, but its no use.
‘What’s so funny?’ he asks, the smile on his face so cute that I do finally stop laughing, enraptured with his gorgeous face instead.
‘I feel like we’re seducing each other with food. Burgers and salads,’ I say, sounding ridiculous.
‘We are,’ he agrees. ‘This has been one night of long, strung-out foreplay, don’t you think?’
‘Yes.’ I take a sip of my drink and realize there’s not much left beyond melted ice. I rattle the ice in my glass, glancing around for the waitress, who’s already disappeared. ‘Though so far I’m the only one who got off…”

Rose Fowler is the youngest of the three Fowler sisters and all her life she has lived in the shadow of her two older siblings. Of Violet the responsible one and Lily the outrageous one. Rose works diligently in the family business, helping to make Fleur Cosmetics into the global giant it is and still her efforts go unnoticed. It will be even worse now with Violet in Paris and their father’s new love interest trying to take over in New York. Rose needs to break away and she does it in one rebellious act in Cannes. Where she steps naked out of a pool into the arms of a stranger. A stranger whose embrace and soft kisses is all she has to remember him by. Until she meets him again in Paris and together they begin a passion filled affair that startles and frightens everyone. But Rose doesn’t care. She needs this and she needs this stranger named Caden. But did Caden really meet Rose by chance and why is his past such a mystery. Is Rose really ready to risk everything for a man she knows so little about? Or is she risking it to finally find out who she really is and who she can be?

What makes this series so interesting and fresh is that the main characters of the first novel are only supporting characters in this second novel. Each story is uniquely its own as it tells the adventures and misadventures of each sister.

Rose is a woman in search of herself and feeling incredibly chained in by the expectations and limitations placed on her by her family. This is finally her time to be her own person and explore her own desires. What is surprising is how threatened everyone else is by it. Especially her sister Violet who had just gone through a similar dilemma when she decided to break off her engagement to the right kind of guy to find someone she could feel passionate about. See the first novel Owning Violet for that story. But Rose won’t let anyone stop her as she explores herself and her new found lover. As for Caden, his past is keeping him from being who he wants to be, only he never really knew he wanted to be anything different than the international jewel thief he is. Can he change who he is for Rose? Does he really want to?

All of this Rose and Caden must work through as they struggle to sate and understand the powerful desire they feel for one another. It is steamy. It is hot. It is also an emotional rollercoaster for both lovers. Murphy weaves her way through this extremely well and crafts an exciting and endearing erotic novel in this second installment in the series.

A very good read.


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