The Wrong Dead Guy by Richard Kadrey

wrong dead guy.jpg

The Wrong Dead Guy is book #2 in the Coop Heist series and a terrific sequel to the Everything Box. Richard Kadrey whose Sandman Slim series has garnered the author very well deserved praise, takes a far more irreverent tone with this new series. But beware, this is dark humor at its best,

Coop is a master thief and one that specializes in stealing supernatural artifacts. After being caught and then released to basically save the world, Coop now works for the Department of Peculiar Science. Now Coop breaks into places for the government. For which he is paid a meager wage and threatened with imprisonment on a daily basis. Coop’s boss, Woolrich, sends Coop to steal a sarcophagus containing an ancient Egyptian wizard known as Harkhuf from a museum. It goes smoothly and that should have been the first clue that bad things were coming.

Because when they open it up they didn’t find the dead mummy they were expecting to. What they found is a live mummy and he is pissed. Harkhuf escapes and it falls on Coop to find him and bring him back. Only Harkhuf is a wizard and Coop is still only a thief. What Harkhuf is after is a manuscript that will bring his old lover back to life and together they plan to destroy the world. Now Coop has to find a way to stop them before he is blamed for everything and sent back to jail. If Coop can save the world again, this time, he is definitely going to ask for a raise!

Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series had the audacity to humanize demons and angels and God and the Devil. In his new Coop series, Kadrey shows us a lighter side to the supernatural as his hero is as lovable a loser as you can find. Coop can’t help but stumble over himself and though he usually is trying to do the right thing, it tends to always go wrong. He is also the ultimate expendable character. Often sent into situations that have no hope, Coop manages to find a way or just luck into them.

With a cast of characters that are as offbeat as they are outrageous, The Wrong Dead Guy is just a whole lot of fun.

A terrific read.


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