Hell Bay by Will Thomas


hell bay.jpg

Hell Bay by Will Thomas is book 8 in the Barker and Llewelyn series and though well written does little to advance the series.

Cyrus Barker is cajoled into taking an assignment by Her Majesty’s government, but at the same time he knows that it is also a ploy by his current love interest to have him introduced to her friends in hopes of having him make the next steps forward in their relationship. Lord Hargrave asks Barker to act as his security while he negotiates a new treaty with his counterpart from France. The conference is to take place in secret upon Hargrave’s secluded island estate, while a party is going on so no one would suspect the negotiations are happening.

But when two people are murdered, Barker now knows he must find the killer before there are anymore deaths. But matters become complicated when they find that they are in fact marooned on the island and with no one to reach out to, Barker must protect the guests and find the killer on his own.

Barker and Llewelyn are a good pair. Barker the Enquiry agent and Llewelyn his younger apprentice. But as we have reached the eighth book in the series, their banter and manner has become old and with the lack of a truly intriguing plot, the book itself moves at a sluggish pace. Granted the clues are unvieled well and there is a twist in the end, but overall there is so little to distinguish this book from others of its kind or from any other in the series itself.

Good but with other better tales out there, should be passed by.


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