Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

full wolf moon.jpg
Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child is book five in the Jeremy Logan series. Child is part of the very popular writing dou of Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston who gave us such horror/sci-fi classics as the Relic and the astute and unflappable FBI Special Agent Pendergast. But once in a while these writers step out on their own and deliver a novel of their own. Full Wolf Moon is Child’s latest.

“…My opinion.’ Albright put the bottle of beer on the floor beside his chair. ‘I guess I can sum that up easily enough, too. Logan, I can understand your skepticism. I’ve heard some pretty outrageous tales myself in the twenty years since I’ve moved back. But I’ll tell you something-something you may already know, given your particular line of work. Many times, legends-no matter how outlandish they sound-have a grounding in reality. And in a place as remote and old as the Adirondacks, it may well be that there are phenomena that cold, twenty-first-century rationality can’t fully explain-or even comprehend…”

Jeremy Logan is an enigmologist, an investigator whose specialty is phenomena that has no obvious explanation. This has often led him into investigating the paranormal. This has brought Logan no shortage of notoriety, but his main work is that of a historian and he has decided to travel deep into the Adirondacks to a remote writer’s retreat to put the world behind him for a time and work on his book. The place is called Cloudwater and calls itself an artist’s colony.

But Logan’s peace is quickly disturbed as an old friend of his, Randall Jessup comes looking for Logan at the Colony. Jessup is now a Ranger with New York’s Division of Forest Protection and he has something he needs Logan to look at. A body, mauled by an animal, but unlike any Jessup has seen before.

“…Now the smell was back, worse than ever, and with it came a sound-a deep, guttural noise, half grunt, half snarl. It sounded angry-angry and hungry.
Without even pausing to think, Palmer began to run. He ran as fast as the heavy pack allowed, grunting with the effort, the flashlight beam stripping crazily ahead of him, panting, gasping, bounding over fallen trees and kettle holes, as the grunting and snuffling grew increasingly loud behind him.
And then his foot snagged on a protruding root; he crashed heavily to the ground; a heavy weight that had nothing to do with his pack pressed suddenly against his back-a horrible, rending pain like nothing he’d experienced in his life clawed across his face and neck as the reek washed over him like a wave, then another explosion of pain, then still another…and then everything faded, first to red, and then to black…”

As Logan begins to investigate, he quickly surmises that this is no ordinary killing. That this was something very different from a bear or any other animal attack. The viciousness and brutality almost made one think of mind of a man behind them. There is also no shortage suspects to be found in the mountains. A society, hidden deep in the woods, suspicious of strangers. Only socializing with themselves. A society rejecting the advances of the modern world, hiding themselves away. A respected female scientist whose brutal death of her father, has her continuing his work. Studying the effects of the full moon on mammals. Her experiments hidden and secretive.

What Logan realizes is that there is far more than what is believed, happening in the dark woods in the night. Under the full moon. A creature, hungry and violent, stalking those who would venture out. A creature of myth and legend. A creature of nightmares.

Lincoln Child has the innate ability to take the fantastic and make it reasonably factual. He does not use science to dispel or ridicule superstition, but to prove its endless possibilities. And in that way he brings our monsters into the world of actually being. Child not only will tell you that there is a monster under your bed, but he will prove to you using the scientific method, how it came to be under your bed. What it is doing under your bed. Why it is under your bed and oh yes, how no matter what you do, it is going to reach up and get you.

Full Wolf Moon does not disappoint. Another really good read!


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