The Red by Tiffany Reisz



The Red by Tiffany Reisz is a deeply satisfying erotic novel of fantasy and drama that is sure to please her fans of the Original Sinners series and garner her a whole new group of them. With lyrical prose and characters that beg to be real, Reisz has crafted another novel of romance and sex and fantasies that come true.

The Red is an art gallery that is not only painted red but is also deeply in the red financially. It’s current owner, Mona Lisa St. James promised her dying mother that she would do everything she could to save the gallery. But now, in its final hour, Mona Lisa may have run out of options. Late one night after closing, she is contemplating the need to sell the gallery when she spots a mysterious stranger staring at one of the portraits. The stranger makes Mona Lisa an offer she finds she cannot resist. Submit to him for the period of one year, whenever he shows and he will save the gallery. To show her a taste of his wealth he leaves a painting with her. A painting whose worth can keep her the Red afloat for a time. She agrees and embarks on a fantasy of sex and desire and illusion. Her benefactor is handsome and English and seems capable of not only creating sexual fantasies out of thin air but to change reality for the span of a night. From being sold to slavery to wood nymphs to bondage to every whim he could come up with, Mona Lisa submits with a passion. Each night of desire and debauchery correlating to a painting that he gives to her. But now Mona Lisa must wonder what she will do once the year is up. The Red will be saved but is she ruined? Can she go on without the desire and fantasies he has awoken in her?

Reisz writes erotica very, very well. Not as some clandestine dirty book to be hidden but as the art form it is. Desire is physical and mental and emotional and she develops all of these.

Mona Lisa benefactor is far more than a rich bored sex crazed billionaire. The kind that overpopulates this genre. No his character goes far deeper. He is a spirit, a ghost of sorts, a man keeping a promise. His desires feed into hers and together they embark on a year of erotic heat that is our pleasure to read.

For fans of the Original Sinners, and if you are not you need to be, the fantasy aspect of this novel may be a bit of a twist but the writing will be just as enjoyable.

A real good read.


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