The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz

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The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz is a romance novel with just a touch of erotica and this will surprise fans of her prior novels, which were erotic novels with just a touch of romance thrown in. But Reisz proves she is adept at either genre and with The Night Mark expands both her horizons and that of her readers.

After the death of her husband Will and then the ill fated marraige to his best friend, Faye Barlow finds her life falling apart. Now divorced and widowed, she accepts a job photographing the South Carolina coast line. She hopes, this is a way to put her painful past behind her. Photography is the only thing that means anything to her anymore. In grief she married a man she didn’t love while she still mourned the only man she did. Will.

In a small beach town, Faye learns of the legend of The Lady of the Light, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter who drowned mysteriously in 1921 on Bride Island. The island is remote and dangerous to reach but Faye finds herself drawn to the island and the to the history of the light house keeper. A man bares an uncanny resemblance to her dead husband. Faye must make it to Bride Island and explore the crumbling lighthouse. But what she finds instead is her own fate on Bride Island and she is pulled back into the sea and when she surfaces, she is on Bride Island. She is on Bride Island. She is the Light Keeper’s daughter. She is the Lady of the Light and it is 1921.

Faye has traveled back in time to a place she does not belong but finds instead that it may well be the only place she belongs anymore. But the world she has entered is not what it seems in photographs and Faye may be in mortal danger.

The Night Mark is a time traveling romance novel fraught with adventure and danger and forbidden love. While not original in its premise and somewhat unbelievable in parts, not the part where Faye goes back in time and falls in love and lust with the light house keeper who looks like her dead husband. But for me it was marrying Will’s best friend who was pretty much an ass, though he did care about her, while her husband was barely in the ground. She remedies this by running away. This all goes to show the amount of loss Faye is in with the death of her husband and why this opportunity to be with a man who looks just like him makes it all worth the risk.

As the relationship grows and no The Lady of the Light was never really the light house keeper’s daughter so this is not one of those tales of incest love affairs. But to say much more of their relationship before Faye travels back in time to inhabit the girl’s body is to reveal too much of this intricate tale that needs to be explored and enjoyed by the reading.

The Night Mark, while not original in its premise, is better than most of its contemporaries by the prose and cadence of Reisz’s writing. She also keeps to the proper sci/fi laws that state everytime you travel in time you change the future. I am not an avid reader of romance novels but I will admit that this is a book I enjoyed and though, not what I expected from this author, still a very good read.


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