In The Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride

cold dark ground.jpg

In the Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride is book 10 in the Logan McRae series. MacBride weaves a complex tale of a man whose past is finally catching up with him and the lives he leads, a foot on the side of the law and a foot on the outside, have come up on Logan McRae. Add to his woes the final decision to take his girlfriend off of life support and Sergeant Logan McRae is having a horrible week and its not going to get any better.

A missing persons report has Sergeant McRae and his team searching the nearby woods. What they find is a nude body with a bag duct taped over its head. The body shows signs of having been beaten. McRae knows he must bring in Major Investigation Team which brings him back into contact with his old boss, Detective Chief Inspector Steel. Who as usual, expects McRae to work the investigation for her. The mystery deepens as the dead body is identified and his partner is also gone missing. More so when a discovery of sex tapes is unearthed and then there is the loan taken out by the two men for their business, a loan with criminal ties.

Add to Logan’s week is the oncoming death of Wee Hamish Mowat, the head of the criminal underworld and Logan McRae’s friend. With the death of Mowat, there will soon be a war to control power among the gangland and Logan is right in the middle of it. Hand picked by Mowat to be his successor, Logan nows finds himself with a huge target on his back.

There is also a new Superintendent on her way from the Serious Organized Crime Task Force to oversee the investigation who seems to have a very personal dislike for Logan McRae. Then there is Professional Standards who are curious of Logan’s ties to the head of the criminal element, but they are willing to look past that if he feeds them his old friend and boss, Detective Steele.

A ritualistic murder in the woods. A missing person who owes money to the mob. Forced to work for a boss he doesn’t trust and being watched over by another who hates his guts. Being investigated by Professional Standards and being hunted by the new leaders of the mob. Then of course, letting the woman he loves die.

Just another week in the life for Logan McRae.

Stuart MacBride pours a tremendous amount of story into this book. There is so much going on that it says alot of his storytelling ability that none of the subplots get dropped in the flow of the narrative. The constant monologue that goes on in Logan’s head between himself and his comatose girlfriend speaks loudly to how perilous he is holding on to his sanity. The book is filled with wonderful characters, both good and terribly bad. Some are downright evil and with others, you can never really be sure. But this is Logan’s story and his time and if he can survive it, it will be one hell of a read.


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