The Lie by C.L. Taylor

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The Lie by C.L. Taylor is a tense atmospheric tale of suspense that celebrates the bond of friends and the sisterhood and then cruelly and viciously tears it apart. Four women set out on a vacation to help mend the broken heart of their friend. A trip made in love and bonding will end in betrayal and death.

Jane Hughes has a good boyfriend, a job she is passionate about in an animal sanctuary and a tiny cottage in rural Wales. Her life is settled and good and Jane is happier than she has ever been in her life. The only problem is, is that the life of Jane Hughes is a lie. A lie that is about to come apart when she she receives a letter a card.

“…I wait for the sound of her footsteps to fade away, then glance through the glass double doors to the parking lot beyond. There’s an empty space where Carole and Gary’s 4X4 was parked.
I unfold the piece of paper in my hands and read it again. There’s a single sentence, written in the center of the page in blue ink:
I know your name’s not really Jane Hughes.
Whoever sent it to me knows the truth. My real name is Emma Woolfe, and for the last five years, I’ve been pretending to be someone else…”

Emma is the quiet and insecure one of the group, always following along with her friends even when she can see there is trouble ahead.
Daisy is the out spoken one. Her vibrant personality often bullying her friends into getting her own way. Her sexuality simply a tool to get what she wants and feed her own insecurity.
Leanne is the fixer, always putting together the group and cleaning up after them.
Al, a strong independent woman whose love loss sends her into fits of violence.

Al’s broken heart has her spiraling into a fit of rage and depression. The girls decide that only a trip will solve her mood and get her back on track. A holiday to a place so remote, that there is no way Al could continue to stalk her ex. Leanne sets about finding the perfect spot while the girl’s make plans.

What begins as a chance to get away from the world and relax and meditate in a commune setting deep in the hills of Nepal, turns into a prison of intimidation and rape. The girls at first band together but soon find themselves pitted against one another. Soon, what began as an idyllic vacation results in tragic death.

“…Did you ever find out what happened to the other two-Daisy and…’
‘Yeah. The article said they just disappeared.’ He stares at me for the longest time, his eyes searching mine.
I say nothing, my mind whirling.
‘Jane?’ he asks, then pauses. ‘Emma?’ He says the name tentatively, as though tasting how it feels in his mouth. ‘Do you know what happened to them?’
‘No,’ I say. It’s half a lie, but it’s still a lie…”

Five years have past, and now, once put behind her and hidden away from her new life; the past comes back. Someone knows who Emma is and they won’t be satisfied until they destroy everything.

The Lie is a terrific tale that should not be missed. Central to the mystery and suspense is the fragile friendships of the girls. A friendship that at had once been a source of strength turns into betrayal and terror. As Taylor weaves her tale, she unravels a mystery and a story of betrayal that the girls and the reader are not prepared for.

Like any good story of horror and the escape from, Emma and the reader both realize you can never really escape.

A flippin’ good read!


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