Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

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Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica will be one of those novels that at the end of it, you will stare down at the book, the e-reader, your phone or whatever it is you are reading on and, for a good moment, wonder what the hell just happened. It is almost like watching an episode of Game Of Thrones…oh hell no…that did not just happen!!

But it does and it did. In just three novels; The Good Girl, Pretty Baby and now Don’t You Cry, Mary Kubica has become one of my must read authors.

In her apartment in downtown Chicago, Quinn Collins wakes up in a stupor. The man she had brought home with her is gone and the stale taste of the drinking she had done the night before still lingers in her mouth. As she moves about her apartment she realizes that her roommate Esther Vaughn is not home. Its nothing to worry about, Esther is definitely the more responsible of the two. She is probably already heading to work. But when Quinn gets home, Esther is still not home and as the day turns to night and the night turns to the next day; still no Esther. Quinn finds strange notes around the apartment, a threatening message addressed to My Dearest, and Esther had left her cell phone behind. Slowly, Quinn begins to piece together a mystery that may prove that Esther was far more than the quiet, demure woman she showed herself to be. Esther may have been something far more dangerous and nefarious.

One hour outside of Chicago, in a small Michigan town, eighteen year old Alex Gallo becomes enamored with a young woman who comes into his coffee shop. She is quiet and withdrawn, but wears a distinctive piece of jewelry and he calls her Pearl. Alex follows Pearl but his attention to her draws her to him and he begins to realize there is much more to Pearl than he could imagine.

Quinn enlists the police and her best friend, but begins to wonder if the mystery of Esther’s disappearance has less to do with Esther and much more to do with herself. What she does know is that Esther didn’t just leave, something happened. Something happened to Esther or Esther did something to someone. Now she is left to wonder if she is next.

Piece by piece, the mystery of Esther and Quinn and Alex and Pearl come to a collision course with one another. But what is the secret that ties them together and is the truth so horrible that it needs to stay hidden?

Mary Kubica is an other that was erroneously lumped into the pit of another Gone Girl writer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kubica is original. Her cadence and pace in her writing is like a slow dance, a tango that builds in momentum until you are so caught up in the tale that the reader is left to simply trust in the ability and talent of her partner and Kubica does not disappoint!

In Don’t You Cry, Kubica builds such a tension filled mystery that you are never sure who the victim is and who the perpetrator is. When you think you know who Esther is and is Quinn just a narcissistic drama queen, another clue is dropped and then the fork in the road opens up again. Kubica develops characters that will steal your heart and pull at your emotions to the point that you have to wonder if they are real or not. She has done her homework. She takes pride in her craft and the tales she weaves will make you sad to close the final page.

Mary Kubica is a writer who should be on your must read list. If she is not…we why are you punishing yourself?

A really good read.


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