The Affair by Giana Darling



The Affair by Giana Darling, like all well written romance/drama/erotica gives as much time and effort to the emotions of the relationship as it does to the sex. Strong characters and realistic settings make this a believable and entertaining novel.

Giselle Moore is trying to get away from her artist’s life in Paris and the responsibilities of New York City where her family is waiting on her to return. But as she is in this in between phase of her life, she decides to take up a friend’s offer and travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a week of relaxation and escape.

What she finds instead is an opportunity to be someone she is not. A person unlike who she is in Paris and what waits for her in New York.

The mysterious Frenchman Sinclair is used to getting his way. When he meets Giselle, he makes her an offer she doesn’t want to refuse. One week with him, as his, then they will part their ways. She knows he belongs to another, but she doesn’t care. Giselle has not felt this way about a man in a very long time and for once, she wants to be carefree and irresponsible. For once she wants to have no strings attached.

But what she is beginning to realize, is that one week may not be enough and when it ends, can she really walk away?

The Affair is a well written romance novel that just happens to be sexy as hell. Unlike many modern erotic novels, this doesn’t start off with sex and then a page or two or rest and then more sex and then you know some more and then order breakfast and then some more….

No, there is actually a story here. A plot. Characters that are as driven by their emotional feelings as their physical ones. Giselle is not a complicated character to begin with but as the story goes forward, we find that there is far more to her than at first we imagine. There is some damage and survival and there is that sense, not of loss, but of untapped potential. She knows she is more than what she has been and she wants that for herself. The chance to be more.

Sinclair is a controlling man and lover. But with Giselle he finds that his controlling nature may be his weakest part.

Together they find that they are in fact stronger than they are apart and together is what they truly want. As is usual, no strings attached tends to create the greatest bonds.

A very good read.


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