The Highwayman by Craig Johnson

the highwayman.jpg

The Highwayman is the new novella in the Walt Longmire series, #11.5. Craig Johnson has hit gold with this tougher than nails western lawman whose rugged but philosophical outlook on life and mystery is as endearing as it is entertaining. With a cast of characters that will easily become favorites and for fans of the television series, you will find much more to love in the written books.

Wyoming Highway Patrolman Rosey Wayman transfers to the Wind River Canyon, an area often referred to as no-man’s land because of the lack of communication, and soon begins to receive “officer needs assistance” calls. The officer in question is a legendary patrolman by the name of Bobby Womack. Only thing is, Bobby Womack has been dead for decades. Killed in a burning car crash in no-man’s land.

Wayman is quickly under scrutiny by her department and soon her old boss Walt Longmire and his best friend Henry Standing Bear come to the Canyon to see if they can help. They only have a few days to come to the truth about the calls and the what really became of the legendary Bobby Womack. The patrolman known as the Highwayman.

The Walt Longmire book series is often infused with native American mythicism, something that is lacking from the television series. These moments give the novels a sense of wonder and other worldliness that embodies the characters. Some readers may not recognize the novel Henry Standing Bear from the Lou Diamond Phillips incarnation, that’s okay. Both of them are worth the reading and the watching.

Longmire’s need to explain everything with facts and evidence faces a trial here when the spirit world seems to invade the world of rules. Working so closely with the native American tribes that have learned over centuries not to trust the white man with a badge, makes the job even more difficult to do. But Longmire and Standing Bear find a way.

Another really good tale from Johnson.


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