The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

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The Hatching by Ezekiel Bone is old school horror. Those movies you watched as a kid where the world was going to get taken over by one creature or another. Most of the time created by our fear of the power of the atom which we had just split. Ezekiel Bone takes us back to the thought that all our power, all our technology, all our military might is not enough to deal with the power of nature and the deadly creatures she can create.

“…Okay. Tell them to send it to us so we can take a look at it.’
‘He already sent it. It’s back in the lab. I, uh, I told him they could use our FedEx shipping code, so he overnighted it.’ Julie said. The words came out of her mouth as though she expected Melanie to yell at her.
Melanie stifled her annoyance. Budgets had been tight, but not so tight that Julie couldn’t charge the shipping costs of a package if it was actually lab business. Though, Melanie wondered, how much did it actually cost to overnight something from Peru?
‘There’s more,’ Bark said. He was standing straight and staring at her with an intensity he usually reserved for when they were alone.
‘More?’ Melanie glanced at Patrick and Julie and then back at Bark. All three looked nervous and excited, clearly unsure if what they had come to get her for was as big a deal as they thought it was. ‘Well,’ she said, hearing that her voice was sharper than she meant it to be. ‘Out with it.’
Bark looked at his colleagues, then back at Melanie. ‘The egg sac,’ he said, ‘it’s hatching…”

In the jungles of Peru, an excursion ends in disaster as a black swarming mass consumes several people whole. In India, seismic patterns register in an earthquake lab that make no sense to the scientists monitoring. In Minneapolis a private plane crashes and the FBI make a gruesome discovery in the wreckage. But strangest of it all, China drops a nuclear bomb on a remote region of its own country.

The President and her cabinet prepare for war but when the reality of what is happening dawns on them; they realize it is nothing they have ever prepared for. The world is on the edge of disaster as an ancient species, once dormant beneath the earth, awakens.

“…Melanie.’ He wasn’t angry, but he was firm. ‘Enough. I get it. You might be wrong. But you might be right. What are we dealing with? People here are starting to panic. I’m willing to take the risk that you’ve got it wrong, because right now, right this minute, we don’t know what the hell is going on. The spiders in your lab are the same as the one that crawled out of Bill Henderson’s face, and we think they’re probably the same things that are on the rampage in India and caused the Chinese to drop a nuke. As far as I know, you’re the only person who’s actually studied one up close. When I was in your lab, you told me they were scary, but they were just spiders. And now you’re calling me to say maybe not. Maybe these spiders are something else. You’re saying these spiders are like little machines that can only do one thing. So please, just tell me, Melanie, what’s the one thing these spiders are designed to do?’
‘Feed,’ Melanie said. ‘They’re designed to feed…”

Yes. Spiders. I know. Can we get any more Saturday morning, black and white, sixties monster movie television than this. But somehow it works. Actually we know how it works because Boone doesn’t do any slight of hand here. No he runs right at you, in that dark and dim recess of your modern thinking brain, that somehow feels it’s above all of these silly kid fears and rips it out and puts it right up in your face and says, “Here! You see this! You remember this!” And you do. You remember that silly moment in the dark before you flicked on the light, when you were certain you weren’t alone. When you felt something crawling on your skin, only there was nothing there and for a crazy moment you thought, maybe you couldn’t see it because it was under the skin?

Spiders. Only its not just your childhood creepy factor kicking in now. No, Boone takes it on a global scale and says not only can I freak you out in the dark of your kitchen, but I can take this planet of ours away from you too. Only that’s not exactly what the spiders are doing here. They are just doing what they do. The people are inconsequential. The people are an annoyance, powerless to stop the tide of nature as she takes back what was always hers.

Spiders. If you are slightly annoyed at them. This will freak you out. If you are really afraid of them, then the Hatching will send you in for therapy.

Lots and lots of therapy. And know what else? This is just book one. This is a series with more to come and yes, as I write this, I am pulling my bare feet back from under the desk, because, well, how do I really know what is under there?

A really good read and an author to look out for!


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