Malus Domestica – S.A. Hunt

Malus Domestica by S.A. Hunt is a tale of revenge, remorse and regret. The story of a young girl in search of the past that was stolen from her and the unveiling of the hidden secrets that will change her world forever.

“…You needs to stop playin. I assume huntin witches means killin witches, and there ain’t no way you’re videotapin that shit. And I want to talk to you without this camera here. Backstage, so to speak. Off the record. Cause I can tell you just puttin on a show for the people at home. But I want to talk.’ He smiled darkly. ‘I know what you doin. You lookin for them, ain’t you?’
Her breathing had become labored without her realizing it. She felt cornered. ‘Them who?’
‘The ones that killed your mama…”

Robin Martine is not your average college age girl. She has survived quite a bit in her time in this world. A survivor of a home filled domestic abuse, witnessing the death of her mother and then what came after. The things she learned not to tell other people. What she was taught by the doctors and psychiatrists could not have possibly happened. What she had to believe did not happen if she ever wanted to get out of the hospital.

So Robin learned to play their game and with time and the help of a crazed mentor she got free and found herself a new hobby. She practices launching hatchets at pumpkins and washing the blood and gore off her clothes at dark and empty laundromats as she travels the country in her broken down van. With a blue mohawk and her collection of swords, she survives off the proceeds of her you tube, a show where she kills witches.

Now she has come home. Where her mother was killed. To the home that keeps calling out to her and to find the three women who live up the hill from her old home. The women who she believes, killed her mother.

The three witches of Blackfield. The three women who helped raise her.

Malus Domestica is a decent book. But if falls short in far too many ways to be a good book. The characters overall are stereotypical and borrowed from other media. This is a bad episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The young witch hunter who is trained by the older hunter who acts as her mentor as she goes around the country killing witches. The sidekicks who are damaged in one way or another, but still have the ability to outsmart or outfight witches, crooked cops and serial killers. Then when all is lost, there is a paternal demon who may or may not be helpful and a cabal of witch hunters who decide, yeah, maybe we’ll help out this kid with killing some witches now.

This is bad tv and in a book it is even worse. Malus Domestica did the one thing a book should never do…it constantly reminded me that I was reading a book.

Oh and by the way, throwing in witches and gore and dead people and dead animals does not make a horror novel. A horror novel should…well…by horrifying.
Terrifying. Goosebumps. Chills.
Malus Domestica did not even keep me awake.
This one missed it on all marks.

Alot of hype but that is all it was. Hype.


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