Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon

try not to breathe.jpg


Try Not to Breathe by Holly Seddon is a plot driven mystery surrounding the disappearance and recovering of a young girl who disappeared one day and then was found. Only what remains of the young woman is a comatose patient hidden away in the hospital ward.

The biggest story in 1995 was the disappearance of Amy Stevenson. She went missing one day on her walk home from school and then was found three days later. Beaten and in a coma. Her attacker was never found. Fifteen years later she lays forgotten in a hospital bed until she is stumbled upon by reporter Alex Dale. Remembering Amy’s case, Alex is compelled to open the cold case. Only Alex has her own demons. Her self destructive addiction to alcohol has cost her everything. Her marriage and her reputation. Amy begins the journey of digging up the past in this old and forgotten case and as she begins to overturn the past, she is also taking another introspective journey into her old past. Slowly, Alex begins to realize that the attacker was someone very close to Amy.

Told through the present by Alex and the past through Amy, Try Not To Breathe is an intricate and well woven mystery. Seddon has crafted a crime thriller that twists and turns and with the added vulnerability of its main investigator, will stay with the reader for some time to come.

A terrific novel for those who enjoyed such modern mysteries as Girl On A Train.


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