The Pleasure Quartet: Winter by Vina Jackson



The Pleasure Quartet: Winter by Vina Jackson is as darkly erotica and it is emotionally disturbing. This is a tragic romance that will keep you turning the pages as you hope and crave the happy ending that just cannot be.

It seems to Giselle that she has always been searching. Her life always missing that one thing that would complete her. The man she thought she loved was with another woman and the future as a ballerina falling apart, she leaves her life and heads to Paris.

Settling into her life, she goes day to day, attending classes and working at a small flower shop. It is here, in this shop she first meets him.

William Tremblay is an artist, a man whose work is sought after by collectors, a man rumored to half seen half of Paris naked. He is much older than Giselle but she cannot get him out of her mind and when she applies to a model for him, she finds that Tremblay feels the same. They begin a torrid and passionate affair but as the flames of their relationship burn, they burn too hot and on one tragic day, a terrible accident happens. But was it an accident or did jealously play a hand.

Now Giselle is lost again and somehow she must find her way back to the greatest love and passion she has ever felt.

Winter is a dark erotic romance with heavy doses of tragedy added to the mix. The result is a beautiful story told without reservation and without limits. Explicit sexually and emotionally, Winter is powerful tale of love lost and regained.


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