Scary Old Sex by Arlene Heyman

scary old sex.jpg
Scary Old Sex by Arlene Heyman is neither scary or sexy; but what it is can only be described as a voyeuristic glimpse into the inner emotions and struggles of the human psyche. At times a beautiful mesmerizing portrait, others the bloody and chaotic wreck on the side of an abandoned highway.

Scary Old Sex is a collection of seven short stories that spread the topics of aging, relationships, and intimacy among family, friends and lovers. This is not erotica, not in the traditional sense, but it incredibly intimate.

“…Ann, listen to me. With or without a transfusion he’s going to die in the next few days. His blood is full of leukemic cells. I can’t clear them anymore.’
‘You’re going to just leave him like that?’
‘Ann, you’re in denial.’
‘What? What are you talking about?’
‘He’s going to die, Ann. Any day now.’
She hangs up on him. She feels stunned and queasy, as if Dr. Mears has stopped being Matt’s doctor, as if he has just whispered some drunken obscene suggestion in her ear…”

Intense and personal. Scary Old Sex is about people and the ravages of age, not only on their bodies but on their hearts and souls. The difficulty of maintaining a sex life as you age, the horror of disease as it steals the desire and beauty of a loved one. A son’s grief and pain when he finds his aged father has passed away, in the arms of a younger woman.

These stories are moments in the lives of characters that as you read, become incredibly real. You feel their hurt and their loss and it becomes a part of you that is unshakable. You will find horror among these pages that will rival any monster, and love so powerful it can withstand any cruelty. But more so you will find the simple act of living, when the portent of death hangs so close in the wings.

Scary Old Sex is a beautiful book with a thoughtfulness that will surprise many of its readers. It is quite simply the act of someone baring their soul for us to enjoy as a very good read.


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