Body (Naughty Wishes #1) – Joey W Hill

Body (Naughty Wishes, #1) by Joey W Hill is a short novel that leads into this series, that moves with a pace and plot that is as much about the emotional relationship between the characters as it is about their experimentation into their sexual escapades. Body is about becoming lovers when you are already friends and the risk and danger that entails. Especially when the lovers you are becoming are a Dom and his submissive.

Samantha, Geoff and Chris are three roommates who have a strong friendship with moments of innocent intimacy. Their relationship has slowly turned into a brothers and sister bond but the feelings Samantha feels for the two men is anything but sisterly. She dreams and fantasizes about belonging to both of them. Her need to become a submissive lover is overpowering and she believes that Geoff will fulfill her desires as a Dom. But how does she get him to become her Dom?

Geoff has been friends with Chris since they were children and that friendship has kept them from making advances on their mutual friend. But Samantha has read Geoff right and his desire to be a Dominatrix in a sexual relationship is the only thing that satisfies him and his desire is for Samantha to be his.

As Chris is called out of town for work, Samantha sees her opportunity to press her relationship further with Geoff. As they slowly realize that this is what they both want, they are left with the question; what about Chris?

I have read Joey Hill’s books before and as a whole, have found the characters and the plot lines lacking. This is not the case with Body (Naughty Wishes #1). Hill spends much of the book developing the relationship between Samantha and Geoff and developing the characters themselves as they move their relationship out of the friendship zone, into one of a dominatrix and his submissive. This is tricky as it is the submissive who is pushing the sexual action here rather than the Dom. But that is explained well and part of the overall plot line.

There are holes here of course, as with any short novel, moments that as a reader you find hard to believe. But overall Hill does a terrific job of building the relationship between two. The scene in the hardware store where Geoff receives instructions from an older Dom and then goes shopping for the materials he will want with a submissive are so well done and would not have occurred to many writers to include. Hill spends the time and effort to develop the lifestyle and not just make it about the sex.

A very good book and lead in to the series.


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