The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz (Book Review)


The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz is a gem of a book. A reminder that Reisz does not need to bring out whips and ball gags to weave a tale of Gothic erotica and romance that will leave you wishing for more.

Gwen Ashby finds herself at a crossroads in her life as well as in her travels. Sitting in a diner she over hears mention of the Marshall School, an all male school secluded nearby that would be looking for teachers. Gwen decides that this must be the change she needs. Driving up to the school she loses control of her vehicle and the next thing she knows she is waking up surrounded by teenage boys. She meets the Headmaster of Marshall, Edwin Yorke, a man whose beauty and mannerisms belong to another place and time.

Gwen joins the faculty and is immediately taken in by the students. She falls in love with the boys and Marshall School. But she cannot hide her attraction to their enigmatic Headmaster. As her desire for Edwin grows, so does her curiosity about the history of the school. As well as the ghostly bride who walks the grounds at night.

Gwen begins to realize that there is far more to Marshall School then what she sees and much more to Edwin Yorke the Headmaster.

My introduction to the writing of Tiffany Reisz began with The Siren and the Sinners series. I had never considered reading BDSM erotica as something I might enjoy. But Reisz’s writing and character development are far too good to be missed. The emotions and heartache of the characters take her novels far beyond the run of the mill sex books of today’s copycat generation of writers. These are not books riding the wave of 50 Shades. They are novels and characters that resonate of Anais Nin and the forbidden books of our youth. They are beyond sexy, they are erotic.

With The Headmaster, Reisz has left the comfort of her stable of characters from the Sinner series as well as the BDSM lifestyle that has made her so popular. Instead she has crafted a ghost story of Gothic and romantic proportions that you would think this was a trip into the Twilight Zone via Wuthering Heights. To offer up much else about this short novel is to give away too much and I would rather you as the reader, enjoy it for yourself. But Reisz has also not left out the sex at all. She serves it up in heaping portions so that it would take your very breath away. But as it is with all your tales, this is not just sexy, it is sensuous. Every curve, every touch, every kiss, every breath. Reisz holds you until you cannot be let go.

This is one for the romantics. Another very good read!


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