Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Book Review)

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Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff brings to a conclusion the trilogy that includes Huntress Moon and Blood Moon. The trilogy chronicles the hunt and capture of serial killer, Cara Lindstrom. Mass Murderer Cara Lindstrom is captured and imprisoned. But the murders she committed seem to have taken on a life their own now.

The capture of Cara Lindstrom did not end the case for FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke. His unhealthy obsession with Cara has jeopardized his career and personal life. He begins to understand why she kills. Her murder victims have been the worst that a human being can be. Pimps and child traffickers. Rapists and pedophiles. Now she will stand trial. Herself, the sole survivor of a monster who slaughtered her family as she was a child. A monster who almost killed Special Agent Roarke. The Agent, whose life was saved by Cara’s intervention.

But the sixteen year old prostitute, the eye witness that places Cara as the serial killer has gone missing and the streets of San Francisco are becoming bathed in the blood of pimps and johns who rape and abuse young girls. In a modus operandi exactly like that used by Cara Lindstrom. Only Cara is in prison. As social media cries out in support of the killings and the release of Cara, the serial killer is becoming a folk hero to the young girls who no longer will be victims on the street.

Roarke knows that Cara is a killer but is there a new killer on the streets. Someone who has taken up the mantle left by Cara’s imprisonment? More so, with no eye witness to support his case and the public opinion swaying in Cara’s defense…how long before Cara Lindstrom is released and he will have both this new killer and her to contend with.

Roarke must go on the hunt again, to catch a killer and protect victims he detests. But now he senses that every woman he meets, even those he is closest to, can be the killer.

Alexandra Sokoloff has written an intense and rip roaring series of novels that will have you both terrified and contemplating the social ramifications that perhaps, sometimes, a serial killer can be a arm of justice.

Cara Lindstrom is a a complex and damaged character. Her childhood trauma, the violence done to her and the witnessing of her family’s slaughter has left her unable to view reality as it is. Everyone who harms a child is a monster to her and she must kill them to save the innocent. As she hunts, she becomes the hunted.

Agent Roarke is haunted. At times in love with the killer he hunts and appalled by her actions as well. Can he continue to chase after Cara or will he join her? In the end, whichever way he chooses, he will never be the same again.

If you have not read the series yet, pick up all three books. Sokoloff has written one of the best trio of psychological crime thrillers I’ve come across for sometime. Her attention to the subject matter and her dedication to character development are to be marveled at and appreciated. These books will have you questioning what is right and what is wrong and pondering the deep gray waters that are the abyss in between them.

A terrific read!


2 thoughts on “Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Book Review)

  1. What a lovely Christmas present to wake up to this morning! I’m so honored that you responded so strongly to the books. I just wanted to clarify that the Huntress series is NOT a trilogy and book three is NOT the end – Book 4, Wolf Moon, is out in October 2016, with Book 5 to follow in January. Your thoughts will be so helpful as I finish off both. Thanks a million!
    – Alex

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