Wicked Wild Fantasies by Shiloh Walker (Book Review)

wicked wild fantasies

Wicked Wild Fantasies by Shiloh Walker is an energetic and fast paced erotic novel of the coming of age of a young woman who casts aside her timid and quite manner for a confident and sexually aggressive woman. a woman who gains the the ability to make her fantasies come true with the man she has desired for her whole life.

Alison Ryan is one of those girls that melts into the wall in any room she is in. Quiet. Unassuming. She can barely raise her voice above a whisper and no one thinks twice about taking advantage of her personality. After all, Alison would never stand up for herself. But that all changes one night when a drug addled mugger tries to take her purse and Alison had had enough. Enough of being pushed around, enough of not being noticed, enough of being her big brother’s little mousy sister.

Alison breaks the mugger’s nose, quits her job and gets a makeover. The she takes an extended vacation to Ireland where no one knows who she is. No one knows the quiet and mousy Alison and she can be who she always wanted to be and experience everything she always wanted to. But vacations cannot last forever and Alison will need to come home, but which Alison. Now that she knows what she had been denying herself for so long, can she go back to being the quiet little Alison. The good little sister?

Detective Alex O’Malley is waiting for Alison when she comes back. She has always been his best friend’s little sister. The quiet little girl, but what comes back is something very different. Alex cannot help himself, he finds himself desiring her in ways he had never seen her before. Alison, has wanted Alex since they were teenagers, especially since the day she walked in on him and his lover. The woman handcuffed to the bed, Alex commanding her and spanking her. Alison had always wanted to be that woman. Had always wanted Alex to take her that way.

I will admit that I had misgivings about this book. Knowing that it had been published before under a different title, I always feel leery when it comes to books that are re-released under different titles. Its as if the publisher is trying to pull a fast one. But I shouldn’t have been worried. Wicked Wild Fantasies is an exciting and tightly written little novel of a woman’s journey into her own sexuality. What is important her is Alison. Alex could be anyone, his character delivers little to the tale and to be honest, I am far more interested in the Irishman she spent her vacation with that gave Alison all this confidence in herself and her sexuality. That relationship laid the foundation of her desires and Alex just stepped in to take advantage.

The relationship aspects of this novel are well written and I wish it had stayed within that and not ventured into the drama of police work and an old murder. Those were distractions to the true power of this tale and that is Alison and the sexual powerhouse she grew up into.

A very good read.


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