Darker the Release by Claire Kent (Book Review)

darker the release

Darker the Release by Claire Kent is book 2 in the Revenge Saga and in this installment, the author has decided to cover the lack of plot and real story with sex. And more sex. And more sex. It was as if you bought a burger and then poured two bottles of ketchup on it. After a while you realize that you’re just eating the ketchup and that there really is very little story here.

In book one we meet the lovers, Kelly Watson and Caleb Marshall, two young incredibly sexual and attractive people who use sex for pleasure and are unwilling to attach themselves to another person for any emotional reasons. This of course changes once they meet one another. To complicate things they each have dark and horrible secrets. Kelly is actually seducing Caleb because she suspects him of having murdered her father when she was ten years old. Her estranged mother who is dying, demands justice and is willing to use her daughter who she abandoned to sexually seduce the man they suspect of murdering their husband/father to get the evidence needed. Kelly agrees to screw Caleb to access his home and office to find the evidence on the murder that happened nearly twenty years before. Because, even after twenty years, people keep that kind of evidence lying around. Only Kelly didn’t expect Caleb to be so damn hot and great in bed and now she is confused. What is more important to her now, finding her father’s murderer or getting laid? As for Caleb, he has avoided intimacy in all forms for most of his life, dedicating himself to work and getting obscenely rich at whatever the cost. He has only used hookers and one night stands but as he met Kelly that is changing. But Kelly’s past is an enigma and he and his partners cannot help but dig into her story and her life.

Book two, Darker the Release, is the story of what happens when these two find out the truth. Caleb finds out that Kelly was only using him to get to the truth of her father and Kelly finds out that Caleb has been lying about his involvement in her father’s death. Somehow this still does not stop them from screwing the hell out of one another on every other page.

My problem here with this second book in the series is that there are no plot twists. There is no suspense. There is very little drama, even when Kelly finds out the truth, she just ends up trying to screw her own private investigator but then realizes that she cannot use him like that so goes back to screwing Caleb.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the sex actually got int the way of the story. And the sex, though very well written is all in all pretty vanilla. There is little in the way of exploration or experimentation to spice it up. They just screw like little rabbits.

Good writing but could have really have been edited into the first book and just made both novels into one better single novel.


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