30 Days by Christine d’Abo (Book Review)

30 days

30 Days by Christine d’Abo is witty, sad, sexy and absolutely one of the better written erotic romance to come out this year.

I have been on this soapbox for awhile now about erotic novels. Yes I said erotic not just romance. What makes an erotic novel better than the cookie cutter releases that are flooding the market place right now? You know the ones. The rich billionaire, who has dominatrix attitude but a hurt and sensitive side, who just really needs to be hugged as he’s delivering blow after blow. He’s usually paired up with the naive and trusting girl who is struggling to pay her bills, the stripper with a heart of gold who still believes in the good in people even though she has been used and tossed aside by so many men! Or the secretary who has read way too many romance novels to know any better. Those books. Those poorly written, pathetically plotted, tales of sex whose main point seems to be: if I let him tie me up and whip me than he will fall completely in love with me and take me away to his beautiful castle in the sky! Really? Or those that are basically two hundred pages of endless mindless sex and if we throw in enough uses of the words, cock, cunt, and fuck then it will sell! If it was a video, it would be cheap porn in the discount table that goes 2 for $10.00.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cheap porn, but let’s not pretend its anything but that. If that’s what you want then okay. But if you want erotica, real erotica, then its time to step up and take a seat at the adult table for a change.

30 days is erotica. It’s heartfelt, desperate, scared, and incredibly real.

Alyssa Barrow has buried her husband but she cannot bury the memory of the love they’ve shared. She stood by him as the cancer took him away and now she is on her own, but not really ready to move on. Alyssa met Rob when she was still a teenager and he has been the only man she has ever been with. As she goes through what is left of her husband she finds a letter and some cards left by Rob. In the letter and the cards he left behind, Rob urges Alyssa to go on living. The cards cover thirty days and they are numbered. The first one begins with a simple word. Masturbate. Rob has left her a simple plan for pleasure and passion. But Alyssa can’t consider them now and two years will pass before she finds herself ready. But she will need a partner.

Harrison Kemp moves across the hall from Alyssa and he is in the city for a short time, little over a month for work. Harrison is not interested in a relationship and when Alyssa shares with him, the thirty day plan, he agrees. But can they really do this and not begin to care for one another? Or will their emotional needs get in the way of the sex. Is it the act of sex that Alyssa truly desires, or the lost intimacy of a loving relationship.

30 days is erotica. Well written and insightful. It will move you as the characters deal with what at first seemed such a simple arrangement to a relationship neither of them may be ready for but yet, not ready to give up either.

d’Abo has written a gem here. Far superior to the current class of “romance’ books out there. Step up to adult table and enjoy a terrific novel of lust, love, pain and tenderness.

A very good read.


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