Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Book Review)

blood moon

Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff is book two in the Huntress/FBI Thriller series and it picks up right after the events of book one, Huntress Moon. The novel follows the hunt for serial killer Cara Lindstrom by FBI agent Matthew Roarke and the blossoming symbiotic relationship that is growing between them.

“…Roarke dreamed of her almost every night, and he always awoke feeling the curves of her body molded to his, as if she had seared into his own flesh that night that he had lifted her and carried her, wounded, across the sand past the bodies of men she had slain.
Cara Lindstrom was in his dreams.
Otherwise, he had no idea where she was, or if she was alive or dead.
But she had killed thirteen men that he knew of, probably many, many more, including one of his own team. It was his job to arrest her, and he was very good at his job.
He would find her, and he would bring her in…”

It has been twenty-five years since the serial killer known as the Reaper terrorized California, murdering whole families in their home. The lone survivor of these killings was a little girl who would grow up to become a killer herself. Cara Lindstrom murdered, in much the same fashion as her family was killed, with a blade across the throat. But Cara only murdered men and only those victimized children and women. Her’s was vigilante killing spree. But a killing spree none the less and it was now FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke’s task to bring her in for her murders. He had his opportunity before when he had followed Cara to a hideout for sex traffickers who specialized in children. The had fought together at that time and she had gotten away. But Cara had done something to Roarke. Something to his unconscious and he felt deeply that she was not an evil person. But as the bodies pile up he knows he has to bring her in. But when his search for Cara turns up another series of family killings, a group of killings that mimic the Reaper murders of twenty-five years before, Roarke now must find a way to track down both killers. Cara and the serial killer who may have murdered her family.

Blood Moon does what few sequels do. What few second novels in a trilogy ever do. It stands on its own with its own tale to tell. Fast paced and intricately woven, the bloody killings by a murderer other than Cara become the focal point of the book and Roarke dives into these investigations. Once again, though tenuous at best, Cara and Roarke finds themselves drawn together to fight against an even greater evil.

Sokoloff is a terrific writer and the characters she has created in these novels are powerful and memorable. The relationship between killer and detective are unlike any I have come across. They are antagonists and partners. Almost a romance, though built on the most bloody of foundations. As Cara drifts closer to reality, it is Roarke who seems to be sliding closer into madness. Until they find common ground together.

Fast paced and expertly told, this is a tale that stands on its own and builds a pulse pounding bring to the finale of the third novel.

A very good read.


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