Tell Me by M. Jane Colette (Book Review)

tell me

Tell Me by M. Jane Colette is one of those rare gems of erotic writing that offers insight and honesty into the heart and soul of a wife, mother, lover on the verge of her own world coming slowly apart. A world she will do anything to hold together.

“…Thank you for unhinging my sanity, threatening the stability of my life, with one text. Because that’s how it begins, one text, one message. “I’m coming to town. Would like to see you…”

Jane is the picture of a suburban housewife. The strong and good marriage. Children well mannered and always dressed well. While around her, her litany of girlfriends are falling to pieces. Its Jane, the one in the group who keeps it together. How does she do it? Simply, Jane has a lover. Its an old lover. Her favorite of all her ex-lovers. They are both married now, but the memories of their past still burns. They text one another now. Sharing desires and fantasies. Until the day comes, when Jane’s lover will come to town and wants to see her. To share one afternoon together.

“…And I think, why not? Old friend. Oldest of friends. Favourite of ex-lovers. Married now, as am I. Both anchored in lives full of obligation, responsibility to others. Safe. What’s the harm? We’re neither one of us stupid enough to risk our marriages, our families, our real lives. Are we…”

Tell Me is an extremely well written novel of one woman’s struggle to keep it all when aspects of her life begin to threatened one another. What is so intriguing here is that it is not always the extra-marital affair that is the danger, but all the other aspects of her life. Her friends whose infidelities and damaged relationships begin to infringe on her world. Her parents, whose marriage of forty years finally breaks. Her father-in-law and his failed marriages that constantly haunt her own husband. All of this lays heavily upon Jane and her one refuge from it all is her secret lover. Her sexting. Her masturbation and submission to a lover that she only can share herself with over her phone and laptop. So what is the hurt of one afternoon together with the one lover who could satisfy her completely. The man she really belongs to. Amazingly, it is her husband who benefits from this arrangement most often. As her lover commands her to go and perform all the sexual acts they discussed to one another on her husband, and Jane, obedient to her lover, does them all.

The sex is graphic and detailed. The lovers only have their words to satisfy one another with. What is so well done about this novel is Jane herself. Her life of quiet desperation. Her two lives. Her two worlds, real and fantasy, that are on a collision course toward one another. She is a very likable character. You want her to have her lover, her husband, her happy family. You begin to get angry with the reality and morality of others that threatened to take that away from her.

Jane herself, just goes on. Devoted to her family. To her friends. To her lover.

A terrific and surprising read.


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