Entice by S Layne (Book Review)


Entice, book one of The Affair series by S Layne is the tale of betrayal, lust and the consequences of giving into the desires and hurt of an extra-marital affair.

Laurie Baker’s life has come unraveled. She just found out that her husband and best friend have been sleeping together. Her husband James swears that it was just the one time but Laurie can’t get the hurt out of her heart, and to make matters worse, her husband and her best friend work together. They see one another every day. Laurie can’t stand it and the upcoming business trip she has may be just what she needs. A chance to get away from everyone.

But the trip to Chicago brings along other problems. The company she has given so much to is being sold out from under her. And one evening as she tries so hard to deal with it all she meets Liam. With his confidence and sexy British accent, he may be just the diversion Laurie needs. He offers her one night of pleasure with no ties, because Liam doesn’t deal in relationships, only pleasure. Laurie gives in and begins a torrid night of lovemaking. But one night is not enough for them and she gives in a second night to Liam. But Liam is not all he seems, he has secrets of his own. Secrets that threatened to bring the remaining stable pillars of Laurie’s world down.

Entice is an erotic novel with powerful dramatic undertones of the damage to one’s self-esteem when they are cheated on by a spouse. The vulnerability Laurie feels leaves her open to Liam’s charms with devastating results. Besides the well choreographed and hotly written sex, is the story of a woman broken down and holding on to the few remaining truths in her life. Truths that are about to be shaken from her.

A very good read.


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