Hell Island – Matthew Reilly (Book Review)

hell island

Hell Island by Matthew Reilly is the type of story that I started reading Matthew Reilly for. It is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns and sharp brakes and enough action to make Stallone retire!

“..It slammed into Haynes, ramming him back against the door. His head hit the steel door hard, the blow stunning him but not knocking him out.
And as he slumped to the floor and saw the creature draw a glistening long-bladed K-bar knife from its sheath, Haynes wished it had knocked him unconscious, because the he wouldn’t have to witness what it did to him next…”

The USS Nimitz, Air Craft Carrier, lay moored next to the island once known as Grant Island. But after the blood and brutal battles fought for it between American forces and the Japanese in WWII, it was now known as Hell Island. The Nimitz had been hit by a tsunami and all communications had been lost from the Carrier and the contingent of 600 crew aboard. Four teams of crack fighters were being haloed onto the Nimitz. One Unit from the 82nd Airborne Division. One Seal team. One Delta team and one team of Force Reconnaissance Marines. Leading the Marines is Captain Shane Schofield, call sign “Scarecrow”.

What awaited them aboard the Nimitz and on Hell Island was not the results of a tsunami or any natural disaster. Scarecrow and his team were about to dropped into a carnage blender and only his tactics and training was going to save him and his team. If he can hold it together long enough.

Hell Island is a small book, barely one hundred pages long but Reilly doesn’t waste a drop of ink or a nanometer of page space. He feels it with so much action that the reader will feel like he’s just finished a grueling sprint through an obstacle course. Only with blades and bullets flying all around you. The book was written upon request from the Australian Government, as a donation to help with encouraging its citizens to read. It should, it really should. I dare anyone to pick this one up and put it back down. Its an adrenaline junkies dream!

Blending science fiction and hard core action, Hell Island is a reminder of how good Matthew Reilly really is and a taste of this action master at the top of his game.


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