Saint Odd by Dean Koontz (Book Review)

saint odd

Saint Odd by Dean Koontz is the conclusion to the fan favorite Odd Thomas books. Odd Thomas is one of my all time favorite fictional characters and I count the first two books in the series as my favorite novels of the last decade. But lately, it has seemed that Odd has somewhat lost his way so it is fitting that Odd Thomas’ journey ends where it began. In Pico Mundo.

Odd Thomas is not like other young men. He has a gift. A curse. He can see the dead and it is often left to him to help them cross to the other side. He also must help the living, the innocent and often the dead will help him in this as well. Because Odd has been drafted into a war against forces much more powerful than himself. Into a war against great evil. This war began for Odd in his hometown of Pico Mundo and a great bloody massacre in the town mall. A murder spree that took the life of his beloved Stormy. Now he is back and those that killed all the innocents so long ago are looking to bring about even greater death. It is up to Odd, to finish it, here where it all began.

Odd Thomas has always been a likable character, the sad sack tossed into the fray who now has the responsibilities of world salvation on his shoulders. He does not become omnipotent or arrogant with his success, he only sees the loss. The greatest of these is of course the loss of his love, Stormy. In a great many ways Odd has been journeying all this time to get back to her. To get to that place where they can finally be together again.

Odd’s conclusion is slow, a last gasp and then the welcome relief that it is over. You sort of expect this, Odd has given up so much and gotten so little in return. As the reader, we are left with a great many questions, much as Odd is left with them. Which leaves one to wonder if somehow, the journey of Odd Thomas will continue on in his afterlife.

I hope not. I do love this character and quite honestly, he deserves to rest in peace.


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