Girl On A Wire – Gwenda Bond (Book Review)

girl on a wire

Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond is a Romeo and Juliet tale set beneath the big tent and high up on the wire. A feat Bond does well in this teen lit book that mixes romance, intrigue and dark magic into a novel of forbidden love and betrayal.

Jules Maroni is a sixteen year old high wire walker who is following in the family business. But she is tired of the small circus route and dreams of making it big time. Only her family are outcasts in the circus world and when they are offered the opportunity to join the new Cirque American, the Maroni’s must confront their nemesis, the Flying Garcias!

But Jules won’t pay attention to the drama and is intent on her own fame. Quickly gaining notoriety for being the girl who dances on the high wire. But family history is not put aside by others and totems of misfortune and bad luck are soon found on her wardrobe. Someone is cursing her and she needs to find out who it is before it is too late.

Help comes to her from the most unlikely of sources. Remy Garcia. The young famous trapeze artist from the Garcia clan. Together they must unravel the mystery behind the feud between the Maroni and Garcia family before one of them ends up dead. Or both.

This really is a Romeo and Juliet tale, even the names of the young teenage lovers is similar. But Bond modernizes Juliet into an ambitious and smart young woman. Quite capable of caring for herself. She does this without making Remy (Romeo) into a bumbling sidekick clown or a brooding, muscular (cause chicks dig a vascular man!) macho caricature. For that she deserves a very strong mention and praise.

Both Jules and Remy are strong role model type characters.

So here is hoping that this novel does not get lost or missed in the teen lit field. It deserves to be found and read and enjoyed.

A very good read.


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