Owning Violet – Monica Murphy (Book Review)

owning violet

Owning Violet by Monica Murphy is an exciting and yet somewhat confusing tale of contemporary romance. Though I find it to be more of a novel of erotica than contemporary romance. If you’re shy about descriptive sex than this one will be stronger than what you are prepared for. But give it a chance, sex when well written and emotional is a powerful and beautiful scene. When done poorly it becomes pornographic and sloppy. Monica Murphy handles her scenes very well.

Violet Fowler has always done what is expected of her. She is the middle daughter, the dutiful daughter, of the three Fowler sisters. Violet runs her family company, dates the right kind of man and does whatever will reflect on her family best.

Only Zachary, her fiancé isn’t really the right kind of guy. Not underneath it all. He cheats and uses her to gain position and favor in her father’s company. Her family is in disarray and she is constantly having to take care of two other sisters, leaving very little of her own life to live.

Then comes in Ryder McKay, the wrong kind of man in every sense of the word. But for once, Violet wants something for herself. Violet wants something to change her world.

I wait until I reach the door before I face him once more, reaching out my hand to rest it on the handle. ‘Yes?’
‘Wear the red dress tonight.’ He smiles, looking slightly devilish as he lets that wicked gaze roam over me yet again. ‘I like you in red.’ There’s an undercurrent to his request. An unspoken meaning, as if he’s demanding I wear red to please him and no one else…”

Violet sets out on an emotional and sexual journey with Ryder, allowing him feel and explore parts of her physical and emotional being that she has kept shut off from everyone else. In doing so, she also opens him up to her as well. But Ryder is not who he acts like he is and with the future of her father’s company at stake, who can she really trust.

Owning Violet is an exciting and heated take on a woman’s coming of age experience, though experienced much later in life than normal. I said it was confusing because for many, the title and cover of the book is misleading.

No one owns Violet in this book. No one really controls her. This is not a dominatrix and submissive relationship she and Ryder share. In fact there are very strong moments when she is more in control than he is. There is no BDSM. There is some rough passionate sex, but by most standards of what is written, it is very vanilla.

Hey but vanilla is not bad. It is still the most popular flavor of ice cream and the base from which all others grow, so don’t take that wrong. Vanilla, when done well, and in Owning Violet it is done very well indeed, is very enjoyable and satisfying.

Owning Violet as a story leaves a lot of loose ends. The characters scheming to take the company from Violet and her father don’t really get exposed for who they are and seem to suffer no consequences. The sisters are still screwed up and whatever their problems are, stay unresolved.

This is book one of what seems to be an ongoing series so perhaps they will be addressed in futures tales.

Overall, Owning Violet is a very good read.


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