The King – Tiffany Reisz (Review)


Title – The King

Author – Tiffany Reisz

Summary –

Kingsley Edge has been many things to many people over the years. But upon visiting a friend, he remembers how he became who he is today. How he came to be found by a man he can never have, but in whose arms he is reborn. How he came to be introduced to the teenage girl who would bring them both back to being the men they were and would be even greater than again.

This is the story of how Kingsley Edge and Soren found each other again and built the ultimate BDSM club ever. A playground for New York’s rich and decadent that would change the view on how the city looked at this sex club forever.

Kingsley was on a downward spiral when Soren found him again. Drugs and drink and risky sex all melded to drive him to an early grave. But Soren reminded Kingsley of who they were and though they could never love one another like that again, they would always have the care for one another. After all, Kingsley had a girlfriend now, and Soren was a priest.

“…He’s a Catholic priest,” Kingsley yelled at them. The girls booed.
“He’s not.” Soren called out to them.
The girls cheered.
“I can’t have sex for two weeks,” Kingsley reminded him.
“you know you can spend time with someone you’re attracted to without have sex with them.”
“You really have lost your mind…”

But Kingsley comes to the decision that who he is cannot be wrong. What is needed is a place for someone with his desires and lust to be free. Someplace that didn’t exist but would need to be created. To build the club Kingsley and his new assistant Sam must fight the city, a religious fanatic bent on sending teenagers to reprogramming camps if they feel any desire for same sex and betrayal from his own.

This is Kingsley Edge. And this is how it begins.

Review –

Tiffany Reisz writes BDSM erotica with feeling and thought that the sex itself is at times an after thought to the daily lives of her characters. The sex is the natural flow of how they live. Forbidden by so many and misunderstood and judged by others; their sexual appetites become precious to them. A treasure worth fighting for and protecting. A part of them they will not hide and will not compromise.

The character of Kingsley Edge is so well developed by Reisz that he carries this novel, the first where he is the main character I believe, with ease and humor. When I first read Reisz and the character of Kingsley was introduced to me as a reader, he seemed far different than who he is here. A dark and powerful character. Capable of power and deeds that made him a menacing figure. Here he is much different. Vulnerable. Suicidal. Lost and without direction. Spending his days and nights in a daze of drugs and alcohol and random, brutal sex. It is the return of Soren that changes that, and the favor he asks. That Kingsley help a young girl get out of jail. A troubled young girl that Soren is falling in love with. A young girl names Nora.

Reisz explores deeply the relationship between the two men. A relationship that has woven itself through the fabric of all the preceding novels of this series. A past of pain and tragic loss. Of love found and unable to be kept. But here it is not told through the memories and narrative of others but through the very lives of the characters themselves. Kingsley and Soren, both so dominant, seem unbelievably human.

In that this novel may be her riskiest. Not for the sexual content, but the emotional exploration of Kingsley and Soren. The deeper part of themselves.

A very good read.


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