The One – Belle Ami (Book Review)


Title – The One

Author – Belle Ami

Summary –

Adelia Lindstrom is a rising star in the equestrian world and her horses are all she has left that gives her joy and purpose. Her parents have died recently in a car accident leaving her completely alone. At a tournament she meets Karolin Bremen, a young woman who resemblance to Adelia is uncanny. Karolin invites her to a dinner and won’t take no for an answer. She says that Adelia must meet her brother Miles.

“…As Karolin walked, she dialed her cell phone and waited for a voice on the other end to answer. “Hi! You were right! She’s the one! In person it’s even stranger, almost like looking in a mirror. It didn’t take much to convince her to come to the suite at seven. I told her she had to meet you…”

Miles Bremen is an energy investment banker and this strikes a chord immediately with Adelia. Her parents were very involved in the environment cause. But Miles is so much more than that and soon Adelia is falling into his arms and his bed. Miles seduces Adelia and quickly convinces her to marry him. It is not long before she is pregnant and starting a family with Miles. It would seem to be the perfect life to heal from all her heartache.

But Adelia is learning that the deaths of her parents may not have been the accident she always believed it to be and her new husband and father of her children may have been involved. And what of the uncanny resemblance between Adelia and Karolin. And worse, what was the pact agreed to by Miles and Karolin before they found Adelia. Why is she the one?

Review –

In some ways it is too bad that the author wrote this as an erotic novel. The theme would have been better served as a mystery drama. In other hands this could have been a terrifying novel that could have rivaled an Alfred Hitchcock tale.
But unfortunately it wasn’t so instead it is a poorly written and poorly paced fuck fest with the main lead female character written to be as naïve and stupid to the dangers around her that she loses all sensibility when touched by a man.
Really? Because I’m pretty sure women are smarter than that.
With the exception of Adelia, all the other characters are developed with their personalities and motives clearly defined. We are expected to believe that she wades through the deception and intrigue surrounding her oblivious to what is coming. But of course she does, after all she is about to get screwed again so that is why she is so blind.
I know a novel will ask the reader to suspend belief but here, it is asking us to be reasonably dumb as well.
Good premise, actually great premise, but very poorly executed.


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