Playing Doctor – Kate Allure (Book Review)

playing doctor

Title – Playing Doctor

Author – Kate Allure

Source – Netgalley

Summary –

Playing Doctor, a collection of three erotic tales centered around medical professionals.

The first, The Intern, is the story of an older woman, having just gone through a painful divorce, and a the young male intern who re-awakens in her desire and her own confidence in her sexuality.

The second, My Doctor, My Husband, and Me is the story of Valerie. A patient whose fantasies about her handsome doctor come to life with permission and participation of her loving husband.

The third, Seize the Doctor, is the story of Nikki, a young woman who after being cheated on by her boyfriend meets the her new man at a bar. Leary at first, still reeling from her breakup and some bad advice by her friends, Nikki is not sure she is ready to commit to her new Doctor lover.

Review –

These three tales are well written romance/erotica with the central theme of sex and love with a doctor. What Allure does well here is though they are all tied to a central theme, each story is very different. The first is a tale of redemption and pain. A hurt and betrayed older woman whose only outlet in life is her work. She is re-awaken by the desire of a younger man and in doing so, learns to see herself anew. The second one is just fun. Sexual experimentation between a threesome that come to care for one another as much as desire each other. The third is about trust and love after a break-up.

Allure makes each of these situations plausible and doesnt hold back at all on the heat. Though in the first story it took a long time to get to that part. Once there, she explored it with wild abandon.

A good soft erotic treat for those who appreciate romance with their erotica.


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