World of Trouble – Ben H Winters (Book Reveiw)

world of trouble

Title – World of Trouble

Author – Ben H. Winters

Summary –

With the Doomsday asteroid less than a week away, retired Detective Hank Palace is on one final mission. He must find his sister Nico. With only his dog and untrustworthy friend Cortez to aid him, Hank tracks Nico to a police station in New England. The station is abandoned but following the few clues he can, Palace knows that his sister has been there. He knows that the trail of blood leads to the truth and the sealed underground bunker may hold all the truth he needs.

But time is running out and with so little help on his side can Hank continue on this quest. Does Nico even want to be found.

Nico ran off with a doomsday cult, determined that the government and her big brother were lying to her. Sure that there was a way to hold off the impending impact if only they could gather the right people. Hank knows there is no way to keep the asteroid from striking the planet and that there is no chance for survival. He just wants to spend the last few days that are left with the only family he has left.

But can he use what is left of his skills as a detective to find Nico. Is there enough of a trail? And what does the body of the young girl, the same age as Nico, slashed and mutilated, and left in the woods hold for Hank. Is the truth something he can accept in these end of days?

Review –

Critically acclaimed author Ben H. Winters delivers the final book in the Edgar Award winning Last Policeman series. What began with the lost and listless Hank Palace in book one of the series comes to fruition with the Palace we find in this final installment. Determined and single minded. It’s very hard not to side with Palace. His dream of being a detective stolen from him by a bureaucracy at the end of its rope and a world that no longer wanted law and order. Hank strives to live up to the ideals that he began with, holding onto them fervently, as if maintaining this small amount of order in the face of chaos will somehow save him from what is coming. Finding Nico is his final act of absolution. Repairing what is left of his shattered family. Regardless of what is in his path, Hank goes forward. But the greatest obstacles are the ones that plague his mind. The regrets and memories that deliver the hardest blows. It has taken an asteroid destroying the Earth for Hank to realize that all that has ever mattered are those you love and the one person left that he loves, truly loves, is his sister Nico.

A compelling and dramatic read in overwhelming and dire circumstances. Winters has delivered a wonderful end to complete a very satisfying trilogy.


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