The Lost Island – Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Book Review)

lost island

Title – The Lost Island

Author – Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Summary –

Gideon Crew is a scientist and master thief, who has a terminal condition. He is expected to only have 10 months to live. His eccentric employer offers him an opportunity to find an ancient discovery that may heal all diseases and abnormalities. A chance for Gideon to save his own life.
First he must steal a page from the Book of Kells. An ancient book written on Vellum by monks, considered to be Irelands greatest national treasure. From there, decipher a puzzle and map hidden on one of the pages. A map that tells of a secret place that holds a special healing power.
Gideon’s partner believes that the page is much more than a treasure map. It is a retelling of the tale of The Odyssey by Homer. It is proof that the Greeks discovered America in the 1200s and the myth of Odysseus is the story of how he crossed the ocean to the Caribbean. That the island spoken of in legend and hinted of in the map does exist.
But between Gideon and his cure are pirates and forgotten natives and an island where time has never moved. An island that monsters inhabit guarding the very secrets Gideon seeks.

Review –

This is the third book in the Gideon Crew series and I figure after three novels I’ve given it time enough to impress me. It has failed in that again.
I love Preston and Child books and when the authors write on their own as well. But the Gideon Crew novels are far below the quality of their other work.
A page in an ancient book that hides a Greek map of the new world? Homer’s tales of the Odyssey to be taken literally? Pirates on the high seas? Shipwrecked. Angry natives. Human sacrifice. A forgotten species of humanoid that is as big as bigfoot with one eye? A root that cures all ills.
The book is filled with legend and fact and supposition and fable. Which is normally good but in this case it is far too many ingredients in the story and it comes out tasteless and confusing. Gideon himself is not a very likable character and neither are many other primary characters in the book.
You actually end up rooting for the Cyclops and hoping he doesn’t fall for the human female he is throwing himself away for. Just as if someone lifted it from King Kong.
Overall not very good. Muddled and confusing.


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