The Enslavement – Liliana Lee (Book Review)


Title – The Enslavement (Princess Shanyin #2)

Author – Liliana Lee

Summary –

Princess Shanyin has been deposed. Her brother, the Emperor, has been assassinated and the regime has toppled. Shanyin, with two of her concubine, has fled into hiding. But she is no longer the Princess and her concubine no longer hers to control. In and out of the bedchamber, they begin to take control of her. The tables are turning and soon she becomes theirs to use.

But her mind never wanders from the man she loves. The Lord who helped the uprising against her brother. The nobleman Yuan. Who helped her escape and then abandoned her. Or did he? Shanyin learns of the betrayal of her concubine and the sense of their power over her.

Shanyin flees them and does the only thing she can do. She becomes a fallen woman in one of the outlying brothels. Hiding her identity so that she will not be found by either the new rulers or her concubine, Shanyin must use the abilities as a woman to stay safe and hidden. But even here her fortunes fall as she is sold to the local Governor. The Princess Shanyin becomes the whore of the local Regent, under the power of the very men she once controlled.

Review –

The Enslavement is book two of the Princess Shanyin series. Book One was The Obsession when Shanyin was sister to the Emporer and ruled along side her brother. It ended with the palace coup and the murder of her brother. With the help of her Lord Yuan Shanyin escapes death but is exiled into poverty and the enslavement by first, her trusted concubines, then by the brothel and finally into the house of the local Governor. Her sexual abilities the only weapon she has to fight for her life.

The Enslavement is steamy hot! It is a major flip from book one where Shanyin was in control to here, where she is used at the whim of those who she was once controlling. The sex scenes are intense and emotional. Liliana Lee has done a masterful job of rounding the character of Shanyin. Her desires and fears embodying the woman who must do anything and everything to survive.

Yet through it all she never forgets who she once was.

Book three is going to be great.

An exciting and fast paced erotic read.


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