Krampus The Yule Lord – Brom (Book Review)


Title – Krampus The Yule Lord

Author – Brom

Summary –

One Christmas Eve in the small town of Boone County, West Virginia, failed musician and drug runner Jesse sees an amazing sight. Seven devilish figures chasing a fat man in a red suit and eight flying reindeer. When the reindeer fly upward the devils attack the man in the red suit and they battle on board the enormous sleigh. In the screams and blood that follow a large sack falls to the ground.

It is a magic sack that can grant Jesse anything he can envision. Only the man in the red suit is going to want it back and so do the devils that attacked him. And someone else. Someone who has been forgotten.

“…Santa Claus, my dear friend, you are a thief, a traitor, a slanderer, a murderer, a liar, but worst of all you are a mockery of everything for which I stood.
You have sung your last ho, ho, ho for I am coming for your head. For Odin, Loki, and all the fallen gods, for your treachery, for chaining me in this pit for five hundred years. But most of all I am coming to take back what is mine, to take back Yuletide. And with my foot upon your throat, I shall speak your name, your true name, and with death staring back at you, you will no longer be able to hide from your dark deeds, from the faces of all those you betrayed.
I, Krampus, Lord of Yule, son of Hel, bloodline of the great Loki, swear to cut your lying tongue from your mouth, your thieving hands from your wrists, and you jolly head from your neck…”

Jesse quickly becomes the hunted. From the drug dealers he works for who believe he’s betrayed them. From the local Police Chief whose taken Jesse’s wife and child to be his own. From his own failed ambitions. From the jolly old man in the red suit who doesn’t look like the Santa he’s come to know. Not when Santa looks really pissed off and carrying a broadsword. From the devils who are hunting the sack for their awakening Yule Lord. To Krampus himself. The forgotten god from another time.

But the Yule Lord finds more than Santa in his way to reclaim what was once his. He finds mankind itself may be his greatest adversary.

“…Mankind has lost its connection to the land, to the earth, to the beasts and spirits. They gather their food not from the forests and fields, but from plastic bins and ice boxes. Their lives are no longer tied to the cycles of the seasons and the harvest, no longer do they need the Yule Lord to chase away the winter darkness and usher in the light of spring. Man has only himself to fear now…he has become his own worst devil…”

Jesse finds himself in service to the returning Yule Lord, as the only means to protect his wife and daughter. But first, before he can help them, he must help Krampus kill Santa Claus.

Review –

Krampus the Yule Lord is a big, bad, bloody kick ass of a book. You will never look at Christmas, Santa, mistletoe and the flying reindeer quit the same way again. Brom does an excellent job of tracing these Christmas traditions back to their roots in Norse mythology and with incredible wit and outrage develops the tale of an ancient God; revived to see how these traditions have been bastardized by today’s religions.

Krampus is an ancient bitter God, betrayed by the one who would become Santa Claus. A son of Odin who was befriended by Krampus out of pity and then betrayed and trapped the Yule Lord. Taking the traditions of Yule and making them his own in service to the coming of the one God. The new religion of the Christ child. To keep himself alive and strong in the new religion, the God that would become Santa Claus betrays all the old values to become the neutered servant of Christianity. A betrayal Krampus looks to reverse. But to do it, he must win back humanity.

The research Brom has done to craft his tale and make it believable is delivered with pain and suffering from the fallen Krampus. You will actually be wanting him to win back his place, and see the head of dear old Santa stain the snow red with blood.

A fun and enjoyable tale.


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