Inside Man – Jeff Abbott (Book Review)

inside man

Title – Inside Man

Author – Jeff Abbott

Source – NetGalley

Summary –

Sam Capra is a bartender with bars across the globe. This is his cover. What he really is can be harder to define. What he is right now is trying not to get involved with his friend Steve and the beautiful young woman who just walked into his bar. The beautiful and scared young woman who just walked into his bar.

But things are about to get turned around in Sam’s bar in Miami. Steve is going to be killed, the scared beautiful woman will disappear and there is the ten million dollars Sam overheard them talking about. Sam is about to get himself involved in something he didn’t plan on, something he knows nothing about and his employers are not going to be happy with.

Sam is going to have to get involved with a family of traffickers from Puerto Rico, a family that feeds upon itself as much as any outside threat. Drugs or guns hidden in cargo holds, he can’t be sure yet. Or are they trafficking in something else?

“…They’d killed my friend, the one friend I had in this town. Did I just let them walk away? Steve hadn’t left our family in our moment of need; he didn’t abandon us and call for help, he stayed with us, made sure the job was done…”

Sam must work sister against brother. Father against son. To find out what the family is shipping back and forth and why they need the ten million dollars to stay away from their normal business. Who were the Varelas? Who were their secret partners? What was the truth behind the people who Sam worked for and most of all, what was the secret hidden prison where no one ever came out of? Where the powerful were made weak. To find out Sam must become one of them. He must become the inside man.

Review –

I have read Jeff Abbott novels in the past, but this is my first in the Sam Capra series. To describe a Jeff Abbott novel is to say there is a speeding convertible coming toward you and you want to get in. The driver puts the top down but will not slow. So you run and leap into the car and just when you are grabbing hold of the seat to pull yourself in, the son of a bitch floors it!. So there you are. Hanging onto the top of a cushiony seat, legs flying out behind you, shoulders straining and you are laughing like an idiot! You are hanging on for dear life. Its exhilarating. Thrilling. And most of all, insanely dangerous. But what you know for sure is that its going to be one hell of a ride.

Good driving Jeff.

A very good read.


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