End of the Innocence – Alessandra Torre (Book Review)



Title – End of the Innocence

Author – Alessandra Torre

Source – NetGalley

Summary –

“…Blindfolded. It was how this whole thing started…”

Julia’s life has changed dramatically over the last year. At one time just a quiet law student, her involvement with dangerous Brad De Luca has brought her uncompromising pleasure as well as unwarranted peril. And now Brad has proposed. Julia has just recently broken off her relationship with Luke, an engagement taht pleased her family much more than Julia. But now with Brad she knew what she wanted, but was she going to be strong enough to handle all that came with it?

“…While I planned my future, Rebecca planned my wedding, and Olivia cursed my relationship, arrangements of a completely different nature occurred in the seedy underbelly of the city. Money was exchanged, plans were constructed, and my fate was determined.
For the second time in twelve months, my life was in danger. And just like before I was completely oblivious…”

But just who is she in danger from. Her ex-fiance stalker, her current fiance’s family who find her a threat or is it someone else? There are so many who don’t to see Julia and Brad together. And in the midst of this Julia must deal with the hieghtenned desires of her new love and his own past of lovers.

Review –

Story, story, story. It’s what keeps a good horror novel from becoming laughable and a good erotic novel from becoming cheap literary porn.
Torre delivers on story and with a passion. There is a real mystery unfolding and with the danger to Julia building; but there is also the insecurity she feels in her love for Brad. Can she allow herself to feel for him what he says he feels for her. Can she trust him and what of the partners he has had in his past. Lovers whose skills may rival hers.
Torre does a good job of building the suspense while she writes some powerful, emotional sexual situations that certainly would take some of the bigger names in this genre take notice.
A fun and exciting read.


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