Not Your Damn Submissive – Amy Valenti (Book Review)

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Title – Not Your Damn Submissive

Author – Amy Valenti

Source – Net Galley

Summary –

Kat is in lust, along with most of the country with Callum, an actor whose one big break away from going stellar. Only, she also knows that Callum is a Dom who is into hurting the women he loves. At least that is how she sees it. Kat has experience with men like that and no matter how she wants Callum she will not be his Submissive.
Callum wants Kat, her little badass attitude is one he rarely encounters. He can also feel the desire in her as well, a wanting to be the submissive to a Dom. But something is holding her back and Callum knows that to get the center of what is holding Kat back, he must understand why she is so against his lifestyle. A lifestyle he knows she secretly craves.
Kat can feel the yearning in her to give in to Callum, but with the desire comes the memory of pain and humiliation that another man hurt her with. Another man who betrayed her trust and abused the young girl that once been Kat.

Review –

This is not your run of the mill, Dom and Submissive relationship erotica novel. If anything it takes a good swing at those novels and points out what is wrong with them. Valenti actually goes into the emotional needs of such a sexual relationship and the trust that is involved. Trust that once betrayed is difficult to achieve again.
The abuse suffered at the hands of an older man when Kat first tried the Submissive lifestyle left deep emotional scars in her that have never healed. Counseling and time in a shelter have left her with the impression that all Dom and submissive relationships are abusive. This is what Callum must get passed.
Valenti does a masterful job of showing the trust and safety that goes into a true BDSM relationship and what is needed on both parts.
Trust and honesty. What any real love needs to work. More so in a BDSM relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Valenti does a terrific job with the sex as well, but like any good relationship, she shows that its about much more than sex.
A real good read.


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