The City – Dean Koontz (Book Review)

the city

Title – The City

Author – Dean Koontz

Summary –

Jonah Kirk is a young black child growing up in the city. His life is normal in most respects. He has a father and mother, grandparents who love him and a gift for music that runs deep in his family. His grandfather Teddy, his mother Sylvia to himself. At the age of eight he meets a woman who calls herself the City and she understands that the dreams Jonah has are more than dreams, that are glimpses into the future that is to come.
But there is evil as well and it takes notice of Jonah as well. His estranged father and a group of others are planning something. An act of evil that haunts young Jonah’s dreams.
Jonah has his own allies as well. A Japanese tailor. Young friends and his family ready to stop the evil that threatens the city.

Review –

For me, unfortunately, this novel fails on too many levels. The narrative is slow and stinted. The child involved does not speak as a child and his words and acts are that of a young man not a small child. The remaining characters are caricatures of their ethnic background. The plot is slow to unravel and even at the end you are left as if half of the novel was left unwritten.
I am a big fan of Koontz’s Odd Thomas series and much of his early work. This novel is a far cry in story and effort from those novels.


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