Something Reckless – Jess Michaels (Book Review)

something reckless

Title – Something Reckless

Author – Jess Michaels

Story Summary –

Penelope Norman is on a crusade. It is 1819 and the women of her world are used and discarded by men who have the means and the lack of scruples to care for them. The men go from woman to woman, wife or mistress and use them as they seem fit. It is an over indulgence of their basest desires that Penelope finds offensive and she has gathered the women around her to fight back in the only way they can. By withholding from their lovers and husbands what they want.
Jeremy Vaughn, Duke of Kilgrath, is commissioned by his friends and colleagues to do what needs to be done to stop Penelope Norman. To use his skill and charm to seduce her into the world she so fights against. To unleash in Penelope her own desires and needs.
Unknown to Jeremy and what Penelope keeps hidden from herself is the inner turmoil and pain she feels from an empty marriage and rejection from the one man she had ever allowed herself to be given to. Unknown also to Jeremy are the true reasons his friends want Penelope stopped. The depths their own depravity have given them the freedom to unleash.
What will Jeremy do? Will he continue to seduce Penelope and convince her that men can only cause pain? Will he become as the others in their city have?
And will Penelope learn to trust a man not only with her heart but will herself as well?

Review –

I enjoyed this story very much. The characters were well constructed and the inner turmoil that fills Penelope is given plenty of development. The story was about much more than her introduction to sex and her enjoyment of the very things she was preaching against. Her awakening of her own fire is what makes much of this tale so enjoyable.
Jeremy’s growth as a man is well structured as well. It is not the simple plot line of – she is so awesome so he changes everything about himself so she will sleep with him – that is the cookie cutter plot of so many of the poorly structured erotica in the market.
The characters, not the sex even though there is quite a bit of it and very well written as well, is what drives this novel.
I would have liked it more if it had not been wrapped up so neatly at the end. The love conquers all ending seemed somewhat formula and unoriginal when the novel itself was so much more throughout.
Overall a very good read and worth looking into the author’s other work.


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