The Seeker by R. B. Chesterton (Book Review)

the seeker

Title – The Seeker

Author – R B Chesterton

Genre – Horror

Story Summary –

Graduate student Aine Cahill is working on her dissertation at Walden Pond on Henry David Thoreau. Having uncovered documents that lead her to believe that Thoreau did not spend his time at Walden Pond alone but instead in the company of a woman, her own aunt Bonnie, Aine believes she has found the perfect subject for her writing.
But Aine has a history of poor decisions and her family history is a burden she is carrying heavily. Drugs and death followed the Cahills and Aine was determined to break that cycle.

“…At fourteen, I left Kentucky on a Greyhound bus. With Granny’s help and an education, I would defy my DNA. I would lead a happy, normal life. I, Aine Cahill, would be the exception to the Cahill Curse…”

But Aine has secrets of her own. A history of violence and pain. As she digs deeper into her aunt’s and Thoreau’s clandestine affair, she cannot help but see parallels between them and the affair she is beginning herself with the Park Ranger, Joe Sinclair. The Ranger who has his own demons. A destroyed past, a teaching career gone, a fiancĂ© gone, a dead mother and a little blonde haired child who disappeared in the woods one day to never be seen again. A little girl that many suspect Joe of taking.
Yet it is not only the dark secrets of Joe and Aine that they need to fear but the darkness of Walden Pond itself. Of Aine’s hidden gift of communicating with the dead and the doors she will open up as her aunt Bonnie had done before her. Of the little blond girl who walks the woods. The dead child who haunts Walden Pond.

Review –

After reading the Darkling by Chesterton I was eagerly looking forward to The Seeker. But where the Darkling had true moments of fear in it, the Seeker moves too slowly and never gains the momentum that would hold a reader with fear.
It is a good story and actually far more involved than is delved into here. Aine’s past is a contradiction of memories and falsehoods. Are the Cahill’s really cursed or is it her own madness that has recreated a false reality around her?
The character of the little blond ghost is extremely well done and at times frightening, but you never get a true sense of who she is and why she is there. What exactly is the Cahill curse and will Aine ever escape it? The ending left too much up in the air on that note.
A good book that needed to be re-visited and fleshed out some more to make it a really good book.


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