The Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire by Abigail Gibbs (Book Review)

dark heroine

The promo for this book says that this is the sexiest romance I will read all year. If so, I am in for a really disappointing year in the sex and romance department. I found the book to be typical of its genre and the characters easily found in every other book of its kind. I was ready to stop reading it at several junctions of the novel but held on just so I could list it as read.
   Dinner With A Vampire is a unique title since the story has little to do with just having dinner with a vampire. The heroine, a teenage girl full of angst who has recently lost a family member and is rebelling from her powerful and domineering father; witnesses a bloodbath of murder between humans and vampires and instead of killing the lone witness to the massacre the vampires decide to take her hostage. She is held hostage for months and I guess somewhere in there she actually does have dinner with the family of vampires that took her so ties in to the title.
   Violet, the young teenage girl, who despite witnesses the carnage of thirty or so humans being torn apart by a family of vampires and then being taken hostage by them; remains incredibly brave and snarky. Insulting them as only a teenager could. In time she of course, finds the prince, Kaspar, way too sexy to resist.
   Kaspar is a angry, violent vampire who manhandles Violet often in the early parts of the novel, constantly threatening her with pain and rape. That may be the sexy romantic part. But of course he is hurt by the loss of his own loved one and that is the reason why he is so angry and violent.
   Isn’t this sort of the reasoning many women use when they stay in an abusive relationship? Yes he treats me bad and says terrible things to me, but deep down he is a good person and in so much pain….
   Abigail Gibbs is ambitious in this novel, I will happily say this. Not only are there vampires, but she created a total hierarchy for them. With several families and the politics of how they exist with the human world. Not only this but there are other dimensions and portals between them and somehow, in all this there is a prophecy of hope and doom that will make all these worlds collide.
   Ambitious and not badly written.
   In truth, my main issue with the book is that I really found the two main characters; Violet and Kaspar, really really annoying. I could only imagine how much more enjoyable the book would have been without them.
   Which leaves with a conflict. While I did not care for this book, the next in the series; Autumn Rose: A Dark Heroine Novel looks very interesting. Gibbs introduces Autumn Rose toward the end of this book and the character and the mythos that are created around her are very interesting. Hopefully Violet and Kaspar will play little in this one and I will enjoy it much more.


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