The Ghost Bride – Yangsze Choo

ghost bride

The Ghost Bride is a journey into the realm of Chinese Mysticism and the afterlife. As well as the beings and spirits that dwell there.

Li Lan, the daughter of a bankrupt family has seen her future change and now with little to no opportunities she is offered a chance out of the looming poverty that is coming for her and her family. A Ghost Marriage. She is to be betrothed to the dead son of a wealthy family. The rich Lim family want her to be wed to their dead son in an effort to appease the unsettled spirit.

…”Hush,” said my father. “Don’t fret so. Whatever else I’ve failed to do. I won’t force you into this ghost marriage. I thought that the best thing would be to betroth you to someone else. Then everyone would save some face. I’ve been asking around discreetly, but have had no luck. It’s my fault. I didn’t cultivate new or useful friendships since your mother died. Those old friends I approached were under the impression, no doubt from Lim, that you were always betrothed to his son. But we’ll think of something.”
Tears filled my eyes. If I started to cry. I would be unable to stop. My father stared at his desk, guilt and shame written across his countenance. Then he glanced involuntarily at his opium pipe. I felt a stinging rebuke rise to my lips. No wonder Amah had grumbled at him so often. I had always defended him, feeling that my father doted on me and was sweetly unworldly. But now I began to comprehend the true cost of his failure…

To add to Li Lam’s despair, she begins to receive a nightly visitor in her dreams. Her dead betroth. The ghost of the son of the Lim family and he is waiting for her to be his bride.

Li Lam must find a way out of the ghost marriage and in doing so begins a journey into the spirit world where she is neither dead nor alive. As her spirit travels she begins to understand the anger of Lim’s dead son. His murder and cover up. His inheritance given to another. His anger at all that was taken away and the one thing he will have is his bride.

Li Lam will also uncover the secrets of her own family and how the Lims and her family are closer than even they will tell.

The Ghost Bride is a well written novel of love and fear and the realm of the Chinese spirit world and all it entails. The tale of a young bride and her desires to live her own life


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