The Aquatic Labyrinth – Alastair Fontana


I really enjoyed The Aquatic Labyrinth by Alastair Fontana. It had all the ingredients that I enjoy in a historical mystery. There was intrigue and politics involved along with murder and conspiracy in the island city of Venice.
   Be pre-warned, if you do not like a detailed history of the locale in your historical mystery you may not care for this one. Each chapter begins with a description and explanantion of importance for each of the places that the scene is taking place in. I enjoyed this immensely as I am a bit of a history buff and love to understand why a locale is important to its people and its time. But don’t get me wrong. This is not a text book or travel guide. This is a murder mystery that will keep you chasing the answer until the very end.
   Jacopo has returned to Venice to see his sister and meet her fiance. It is here he is accused of murder and must flee. Learning that his sister’s fiance is being held and tortured in connection with the killing, Jacopo stays in Venice to clear both he and his soon to be brother-in-law’s name.
   Jacopo’s journey will take him from the Jewish Ghetto to a nobleman’s home and into the arms of a beautiful courtesan. He learns that the murder was far more than an act of opportunity but may indeed be the start of a war and endangers the very existance of the island city of Venice itself.


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