The Tenth Order – Nic Widhalm

the tenth order

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the Tenth Order. I got it on a deal advertised through Amazon and decided to give it a try. It begins slowly and at first is quite confusing. Then with guile and craft, Widhalm weaves the threads together until The secrets behind the Tenth Order come into view.
Hunter Friskin is different. Though tall and incredibly handsome, there was something off about him. Something that set everyone he knew against him. Something not quite right. He was blacking out as of late as well. Images of darkness and battles and fire. Images that couldn’t be real.
Losing consciousness at his job, Hunter awakes in the hospital. Tied down and surrounded by strangers he loses control. Next he knows he is wanted by the police and being attacked in an alleyway behind a church. The blackouts come again and soon he is spirited away. Hunter Friskin is not human but no one seems to be sure just what or who he is.
In Friskin, Widhalm has created a powerful protagonist. You are torn from hoping he survives or fearing if he does. The supporting cast of the novel are as intractably written as well. A priest whose knowledge of the world beyond far surpasses what he should know. A detective who is not sure whether to arrest Friskin or protect him. Then there are the angels and cherubim and heavenly host written much differently then has been presented in the past. Either in lore or religion.
The angels are at war and the prize is everything. How does Friskin fit in and who is good and who is evil. Or in truth, do those concepts even matter.
Widhalm’s scope is eternal and he does not shy away from creating a world of his own from the past histories of the celestial beings. The Tenth Order picks up steam powerfully throughout the novel and will hold you rapt until the end.          


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