This Old Man doesn’t do Skinny Jeans!


Not long ago, about two to three years in fact, I got tired. I got tired of being tired. I was easily 270 lbs. and at five six that is not a healthy number. My blood pressure was 180 over 140 and I just felt bad. I was in my forties and have felt like this since my mid to early thirties. Sure I tried all the little diets and quick fix programs out there, but that wasn’t going to work for me and I knew it. I needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to change my perspective and how I felt about myself.

I joined a GYM.

Not a huge fancy place but a small, place with a few machines and lots of weights. I worked three days a week with a trainer and got serious. I didn’t quit. I changed my eating habits and my drinking habits. So yes after a time, 6 months or so, I was down to 230 lbs. I went from a 42 waist, though in vanity I only bought 40’s and just wore them uncomfortably, to a 38. I didn’t buy a bunch of new clothes because what I wore was now fitting me. What I did toss out were the pants with the elastic in the belt area. Those hit the trash. After a year the little gym shut its doors. I sort of drifted. I didn’t join another gym right away and for a time it became my excuse to not work out. That the little gym had closed.

But I began to remember how I felt. How bad it felt to be so heavy. I was still heavy at 230 but there was a lot of muscle involved. I picked up the INSANITY dvds and started working out at home. The first few weeks of it was horrible. I thought my heart would pound right out of my chest. The cardio involved was intense. But I had a goal. I was turning 50 that October and I was preparing myself for the next year. I was going to run the Spartan Race the coming February,2013. In November, after my 50th birthday I got a membership at a local gym. No trainer this time. Just me and the weights and the machines and desire. Come February I was at 220 lbs and I ran the Spartan Race.

I was not the fastest. I was not the strongest. I was just one of those still standing at the end.

I am fairly religious about my workouts. At least three times a week. But honestly, I am there at least five times a week. I have a subscription to Men’s fitness and copy down different exercises. I carry a notebook into the gym with my workout for the day. Leg day. Chest and bicep day. Shoulder and tricep day. Cardio. Core. Overall wellness.

My eating habits are much better. A lot less red meat. Chicken, lean pork and fish. I still eat the occasional hamburger but you can bet its not a Big Mac. No I’m hitting Smashburger or the Burger Shop and doing it legit! Bacon, cheese, avocado, egg, lettuce and onion. I just don’t do it everyday. Its my treat and I enjoy it much more. Same with the steaks. Porterhouse or Ribeye. I still have beer but I drink in a month now, less than what I had before in a week.

Ice cream. Yes that is my kryptonite. I love it. So I just don’t have it around as much as before. If its not in the freezer I’m not likely to reach out and get it. It also is my treat. Like it was always meant to be.
I will be 51 tomorrow and Spartan Race is coming up again. So is Tough Mudder. I am 211 lbs and strong for my size. I am a 36 waist comfortable. My goal is to be in the 180s and a 32 waist. There is no hurry. I got time to get there. I just squatted 285 lbs. Two years ago I couldn’t do 150. I bench press 155 lbs. Two years ago I couldn’t do 100.


I can do the Spartan Race. I can do Tough Mudder. I can squat 285 lbs. I can bench 155 lbs. I can. I can.


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