Bones Of The Lost – Kathy Reichs


Bones of the Lost is the 16th in the series of novels by Kathy Reichs featuring Dr. Temperance Brennan. Known to television audiences as Bones. The novels are a prime example of how the books are always so much better than their celluloid counterparts.

…Suddenly I was exhausted. Revolted by what I’d just done.
   I wondered. In my state, could I make good decisions? Carry through? My phone was back at the house.
   I wanted to sit, hold my head in my hands, and let the tears flow.
   Instead I drew a few steadying breaths, rose, and crossed what seemed a thousand miles of darkness. Climbed the stairs on rubbery legs.
   A single passage cut right at the top. I followed it to the only closed door.
   Gun tight in one clammy hand, I reached out and turned the knob with the other.
   The door swung in.
   I stared into pure horror…

The difference between the television version of Bones and the novels is not the forensic science. Which is far more factual and believable in the books. But the character of Temperance Brennan herself. In the books she is human. Not the robotic, incapable of feeling poorly acted character in the television show. It is as if it was decided that a woman could not be intelligent and capable of human emotion at the same time.
Something I am a little surprised more people don’t find insulting.
Tempe Brennan in the novels is a feeling, strong, emotional and incredibly intelligent woman. And like the best heroes, flawed. She attacks her work with a passion and sense of justice that goes beyond the academics of forensic science.
In this installment a young girl is found dead on the side of the road. No identification on the body and is quickly written off by the police as a hit and run and the girl a teenage prostitute. But Tempe finds more and it leads to murder.Tempe is also recruited to research bodies killed by an American soldier in Afghanistan. Unarmed civilians. In the midst of all this there is a daughter who has run off to join the marines, an ex-husband looking for help with his new wedding and a lover who has disappeared. All this and a dead girl no one cares about. 
Another good novel by Kathy Reichs.


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