Throttle – Stephen King and Joe HIll


Throttle is a novella you can get as a Kindle single, written by father and son duo; Stephen King and Joe Hill. They did it as a homage to the short story Duel by Richard Matheson. Duel was made into a movie in 1971 by a unknown director at the time named Stephen Spielberg. The concept was also done up in The Benediction, a short movie in a set of four for the theatre release named Nightmares.
   So why do it up again? Because a good story needs repeating. And Throttle is a good addition to the mad trucker horror genre. This time, in King and Hill’s novella, the victims of the mad trucker is a biker gang called The Tribe.
   Vince, his son Race, Lemmy and the rest of the Tribe are fresh off a busted meth deal. The stop at a diner north of Show Low in Arizona and talk about what their next move is going to be. The meth deal had gone bloody and Race wants to head into Show Low to find the money they had lost. Vince feels that its no use and doesn’t want to. But its not really the money that is ripping at these two and their arguments are driving the Tribe apart. They realize they had been talking loudly when a truck near them starts up and drives away. Vince is concerned about how much the driver heard. Race just wants his money. On the road to Show Low, the Truck finds them and begins to go after the Tribe.
   There is some very cool artwork and the Kindle single has the feel of a graphic novel. The story is more than a chase down the backroads of Arizona with a maniac and semi after you. The division between Vince and Race are central to the tale and how they deal with impending life and death situation. The truck is the great equalizer in the Tribe. The strong become weak and the boastful reduced to whimpers as its grills eats them one at a time. Throttle moves fast and the tension is strong. A good read.


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